Council of Thieves


When I received the note from Janivin, my interest was piqued. Since there wasn’t much in the note, I ventured to Vizio’s Tavern with some trepidation. Arriving a little early, I secreted myself in one of the corners to observe what would happen. Three others arrived, one by one, and all appeared to have received a note similar to mine. First was a young man with a big axe, second came a cleric of Asmodeus… The Asmodean church is not a good one, they serve the pit fiends of Golarian, and tend to not have the best interests of the people at heart. All they care about are their silly rules. Finally, a gnome entered, looking rather underwhelming. However, having lived with the gnomes for a while, I knew better than to judge purely on size, for many of them are quite talented in their arenas.

As the three began speaking to Janevin, a young boy burst into the tavern, saying something about ‘Arael’ being captured. In the midst of trying to figure out who Arael was, it was announced that the building was surrounded by the Hellknights, the evil bastard guards of the city, dedicated to keeping anything good from ever occurring.

Janivin led us through a secret door in the backroom of the cellar and down a flight of stairs into the sewer. She quickly outpaced us, attempting to get the child out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. She was kind enough to point out the markings we were to follow through the cellar, and although they were faint, I was well able to find them at each junction throughout the cellar.

We hadn’t made it terribly far when we encountered several goblins. At this point my faith in the other members of our journey began to waver. The cleric (Ale or Beer or somesuch) was useful in the fight, but his viewpoint on things makes me wonder how good of a person he is. The young man ran towards the goblin in front of me, but tripped and fell on his axe, injuring himself severely. Once the battle was over, the cleric didn’t want to heal him because he hadn’t been very useful. It appears that he tripped over a crate of healing potions, which proved lucky enough for him, since he revived of his own accord, thanks to one of the bottles breaking into his wounds. The cleric took possession of the potions, since they had apparently come from his church, and he gave myself and the gnome a potion apiece. The young man, Ruckus I think, offered me a 100gp for the potion, and I agreed. Had he offered me less I probably would have accepted.

My faith in the gnome went downhill throughout the multiple encounters we had. He merely kept away from the fight, and tried to hide. The last gnome sorcerer I knew (when I lived among the gnomes) was one of the scariest sorcerers I have met, even compared to those among my own people. Albeit my memory of the elven community is dim, yet I don’t remember a great many powerful sorcerers.

Thankfully, I speak goblin, for we stumbled into a small goblin community. The shaman was not keen on getting his followers killed, and was willing enough to simply speak to us. He told us the way out, and so we continued on our way. Running into the undead, my fear of our cleric friend only grew. He was able to command the evil beings to his purpose. I wonder about his purpose in our endeavors. The Admodean church is neither for nor against the West Crown government, and so I can only wonder at his purpose in becoming involved…

Ruckus severely hurt a poor ogre, although he took enough of a knock about the ears to let him know that his actions were wrong. We shared the room with the ogre until it was light outside, for the ogre was in a room with access to the street level. I am very thankful to have made it out of the dungeons alive. However, I do not think it was as fortuitous for the poor ogre. The cleric returned him to the church of Asmodeus, and he was returned to his position as a ‘plaything’ for the resident pit fiend. I am sure there was some mind magic involved, for I was unable to continue speaking when I questioned his safety. The church is wrong in such treatment of those unable to defend themselves. Yet it is a matter that will have to be returned to later, since I am at present pressed with other matters.



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