Council of Thieves

The Sewers

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What was that man’s name again? Jenna? I don’t remember. However I do remember him sending me a note to meet him at this run down little crawlspace of the tavern. We were hardly there for ten minutes before the Hell Knights arrived.
Usually I have no quarrel with Hell Knights. They keep order. They keep order above all else and abide by the Codex. The Law of Asmodeus, The Adamant Lord. But I have been sent here to uncover this Thieves Council, or Council of Thieves or whatever they are, and look into the origins of the Night Stalkers. It is of the opinion of the hierarchy that the Night Stalkers are a problem with the Thrune House and their misguided worship of lesser powers more willing to defy the Disciplines.

But I digress.

So it was that we were led into the sewers by this “Jenna” and with Hell Knights smashing there way into the tavern above we had no choice but to flee. Normally I would have simply turned over this rogue but it took weeks to develop this contact and convince him of our sincerity to a mutual desire to topple the ruling Nobility.

With me, for what reason I have no idea, other ner-do wells I imagine, were an elf rogue named Merlyn, a gnome illusionist and a big dumb farm boy named Rukus. Jenna ran off, pointing to some runes and telling us to follow them. Oh! And there was a child. I completely have forgotten her name. She seemed irrelevant at the time, yet Jenna ran off with her into the sewers.

We followed the markers. The elf girl leading the way. She claimed to be “an expert at traps, both disarming them and setting them.” I didn’t really mind as she spent most of her time bending over in front of us and she was quite fit.

We were ambushed by goblins some hour later. They attacked from both the front and rear and I was forced to protect our flank while Merlyn and Rukus fought to our front. I dispatched two of the vicious creatures and then turned to see Rukus apon the stones of the walk and Meryln stabbing another of the creatures through the throat. Rukus would have died were he fell had he not fallen on a crate of stolen healing potions with the symbol of the church on them. Brazen. Well they would meet Justice for their theft soon enough, and the servants of the Adamant Lord are less forgiving then I.

The Hell Knights were in the tunnels with us at that point and we spent some time playing cat and mouse with them. They caught us at one point and I was forced to kill several of them. Rukus redeemed himself and to be certain once the lad gets going he is mighty indeed, cleaving men in half with that beast of an ax of his.
Even the gnome proved useful in that battle as he claims at least to have created an illusion of the slime beast rising from the pit in the center of the room, as I personally saw two men drop to the floor for no apparent reason I am inclined to believe him, even though I saw nothing.
I must make note here as well that I nearly fell myself in this skirmish. the Hell Knights are brutally efficient at what they do and my martial training has suffered over the years, sacrificed for more time with the Codex.

We stumbled on the nest of the goblins and while Merlyn successfully disabled an old trap, the goblin Shaman gave me a damned copy of the Codex. The Shaman complained that one of his goblins had been defacing the book and then underwent a hideous transformation. When he presented said goblin I thought he looked more blessed then defaced. The goblin had taken on Infernal aspects and I now wonder if one such as I might benefit from the book.

On our way out we had to fight our way through a tomb with some old shambling skeletons. I took control of a few sending them to dispatch the others while Rukus smashed them all blissfully. After that found a stair. An ogre. And the way out.

Having returned the curious book to my superior I now await orders at the tap house near Violators Church.

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Janiven is Female the small boy she took with her was Morosino lol. But good job fast poster.

The Sewers

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