Council of Thieves


After our ordeal in the sewers, I was happy to have the opportunity to rest and restore at the safe house Janevin has been kind enough to provide us. I was able to purchase the gear I need to begin making traps again, and a new set of tools for disabling those traps. Janevin asked our help very quickly to rescue Arael as he was being removed from the city and taken to the Citadel of the Hellknights.

We arranged an ambush along the road, and Ruckus helped the other party, while Ael, Oswald, and myself fought with Janevin. I set a few small traps in the road that were able to completely paralyze the wagon and made several of the men unable to fight effectively. It was a simple matter to wipe them out and rescue this Arael. Afterwards, we returned to the safe house, where I was able to purchase new armor of higher quality so that my movement is a little freer now.

One evening, while resting at the safe house, I observed an individual I hadn’t seen before slipping something under the table to our cleric, Ael. The next morning Janevin gave us two jobs, but the cleric overruled us stating that we needed to search out and kill some goblins. I’m convinced the package he received must have something to do with this, and can’t shake the feeling that his connection with the group is more than pure good will.

Arriving at the goblin ‘stronghold,’ if you could call it that, we were attacked by some sort of creature that closely resembled the rubble in which they lived. Beyond the rubble was a room with a manhole. Ael removed the cover, and I leapt down, spotting the mechanism to let down a rope for the others to follow on. As soon as they hit the ground, the goblins I had observed several yards away took off running.

We followed them, and I disabled a trap along the way. We found a room, which I unlocked, pushing open the door. A pack of dogs with saddles on their backs attacked me, but as a group we had no real problem defending ourselves. At the back of the room was a concealed door which led into a tight crawlspace. Oswald was able to walk upright, while I had to crawl along and disable the numerous traps within the tunnel. If I hadn’t been able to disable them, it could have been quite deadly for us all.

Crawling out of the tunnel, I started down the hallway I found myself in, but was too distracted by the sound of Oswald coming out of the tunnel to notice the pressure plate in the floor. The last thing I remember was a bunch of arrows coming at me. Apparently, Oswald and I were both hit pretty severely, and Ael was able to heal us enough to get us on our feet again. Approaching more slowly, I was able to disable the trap long enough for us to get out of the way. Thankfully the next room had a large curtain that prevented the goblins from seeing us as we entered, and I found a number of healing potions in the safe portion of the room.

Apparently some strange tubes that I found turned out to be wands, and since neither Ael or Oswald wanted the one that purifies food and water, they gave it to me. Most of the rest went to Oswald. Just as well, I have better uses for my talents than magic tricks. Still, at least Oswald won’t have an excuse for not helping in combat anymore…

Ael used some special glass ball that we had found earlier for our initial onslaught on the goblins, throwing it into their midst, which proved rather effective. All save one of the goblins was killed as soon as the ball of fire exploded in their midst, although it scared me quite a bit when the curtain we were hiding behind disappeared in flame. The final goblin proved rather tough. Although I got a minor scratch, we were able to defeat it swiftly. After we had knocked it down Ael noticed that only fire could kill it. As we attempted to throw it into the brazier in the center of the room, it revived, landing on its feet on the edge of the brazier! Jumping down, it bit Ael. Stepping behind the brazier, I tipped the fire out onto him, which killed him instantly. There wasn’t much to be found within the room: a suit of mithril armor which Ael took, and a large box of papers from some Avarvex to the leader of the goblins…

When we returned to the safe house, Ael dragged me off to the church, insisting that I get the scratch I had received looked at. They said I had been infected with filth fever, and they wanted 500gp payment to get rid of it. When I stated that I didn’t have that much, they demanded the dagger that I found in the sewers. This I refused, and stated that I would gather the money on my own elsewhere. It was easy enough to find a fat merchant who had some money that he could donate to the cause, after all I do take care of a dozen children.

It turned out that Ael’s bite is far more serious than I had expected, and the church was unable to cure him. Instead they sent him to a group of witches, which Ael took great offense to, but we traipsed the three days to their home. When there, Ael absolutely refused to pay the price demanded, to take a mark guaranteeing that he would fulfill a request of theirs at some point in the future. Further, as we walked the three days back to town, he said that he was going to bring the ‘wrath of the church’ down upon those heretics. I haven’t heard anything back on that, and speculate that since the church sent him their in the first place that they, much as they claim to hate witches, are turning a blind eye to this particular coven.

Still, it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings!


When I received the note from Janivin, my interest was piqued. Since there wasn’t much in the note, I ventured to Vizio’s Tavern with some trepidation. Arriving a little early, I secreted myself in one of the corners to observe what would happen. Three others arrived, one by one, and all appeared to have received a note similar to mine. First was a young man with a big axe, second came a cleric of Asmodeus… The Asmodean church is not a good one, they serve the pit fiends of Golarian, and tend to not have the best interests of the people at heart. All they care about are their silly rules. Finally, a gnome entered, looking rather underwhelming. However, having lived with the gnomes for a while, I knew better than to judge purely on size, for many of them are quite talented in their arenas.

As the three began speaking to Janevin, a young boy burst into the tavern, saying something about ‘Arael’ being captured. In the midst of trying to figure out who Arael was, it was announced that the building was surrounded by the Hellknights, the evil bastard guards of the city, dedicated to keeping anything good from ever occurring.

Janivin led us through a secret door in the backroom of the cellar and down a flight of stairs into the sewer. She quickly outpaced us, attempting to get the child out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. She was kind enough to point out the markings we were to follow through the cellar, and although they were faint, I was well able to find them at each junction throughout the cellar.

We hadn’t made it terribly far when we encountered several goblins. At this point my faith in the other members of our journey began to waver. The cleric (Ale or Beer or somesuch) was useful in the fight, but his viewpoint on things makes me wonder how good of a person he is. The young man ran towards the goblin in front of me, but tripped and fell on his axe, injuring himself severely. Once the battle was over, the cleric didn’t want to heal him because he hadn’t been very useful. It appears that he tripped over a crate of healing potions, which proved lucky enough for him, since he revived of his own accord, thanks to one of the bottles breaking into his wounds. The cleric took possession of the potions, since they had apparently come from his church, and he gave myself and the gnome a potion apiece. The young man, Ruckus I think, offered me a 100gp for the potion, and I agreed. Had he offered me less I probably would have accepted.

My faith in the gnome went downhill throughout the multiple encounters we had. He merely kept away from the fight, and tried to hide. The last gnome sorcerer I knew (when I lived among the gnomes) was one of the scariest sorcerers I have met, even compared to those among my own people. Albeit my memory of the elven community is dim, yet I don’t remember a great many powerful sorcerers.

Thankfully, I speak goblin, for we stumbled into a small goblin community. The shaman was not keen on getting his followers killed, and was willing enough to simply speak to us. He told us the way out, and so we continued on our way. Running into the undead, my fear of our cleric friend only grew. He was able to command the evil beings to his purpose. I wonder about his purpose in our endeavors. The Admodean church is neither for nor against the West Crown government, and so I can only wonder at his purpose in becoming involved…

Ruckus severely hurt a poor ogre, although he took enough of a knock about the ears to let him know that his actions were wrong. We shared the room with the ogre until it was light outside, for the ogre was in a room with access to the street level. I am very thankful to have made it out of the dungeons alive. However, I do not think it was as fortuitous for the poor ogre. The cleric returned him to the church of Asmodeus, and he was returned to his position as a ‘plaything’ for the resident pit fiend. I am sure there was some mind magic involved, for I was unable to continue speaking when I questioned his safety. The church is wrong in such treatment of those unable to defend themselves. Yet it is a matter that will have to be returned to later, since I am at present pressed with other matters.

The Sewers

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What was that man’s name again? Jenna? I don’t remember. However I do remember him sending me a note to meet him at this run down little crawlspace of the tavern. We were hardly there for ten minutes before the Hell Knights arrived.
Usually I have no quarrel with Hell Knights. They keep order. They keep order above all else and abide by the Codex. The Law of Asmodeus, The Adamant Lord. But I have been sent here to uncover this Thieves Council, or Council of Thieves or whatever they are, and look into the origins of the Night Stalkers. It is of the opinion of the hierarchy that the Night Stalkers are a problem with the Thrune House and their misguided worship of lesser powers more willing to defy the Disciplines.

But I digress.

So it was that we were led into the sewers by this “Jenna” and with Hell Knights smashing there way into the tavern above we had no choice but to flee. Normally I would have simply turned over this rogue but it took weeks to develop this contact and convince him of our sincerity to a mutual desire to topple the ruling Nobility.

With me, for what reason I have no idea, other ner-do wells I imagine, were an elf rogue named Merlyn, a gnome illusionist and a big dumb farm boy named Rukus. Jenna ran off, pointing to some runes and telling us to follow them. Oh! And there was a child. I completely have forgotten her name. She seemed irrelevant at the time, yet Jenna ran off with her into the sewers.

We followed the markers. The elf girl leading the way. She claimed to be “an expert at traps, both disarming them and setting them.” I didn’t really mind as she spent most of her time bending over in front of us and she was quite fit.

We were ambushed by goblins some hour later. They attacked from both the front and rear and I was forced to protect our flank while Merlyn and Rukus fought to our front. I dispatched two of the vicious creatures and then turned to see Rukus apon the stones of the walk and Meryln stabbing another of the creatures through the throat. Rukus would have died were he fell had he not fallen on a crate of stolen healing potions with the symbol of the church on them. Brazen. Well they would meet Justice for their theft soon enough, and the servants of the Adamant Lord are less forgiving then I.

The Hell Knights were in the tunnels with us at that point and we spent some time playing cat and mouse with them. They caught us at one point and I was forced to kill several of them. Rukus redeemed himself and to be certain once the lad gets going he is mighty indeed, cleaving men in half with that beast of an ax of his.
Even the gnome proved useful in that battle as he claims at least to have created an illusion of the slime beast rising from the pit in the center of the room, as I personally saw two men drop to the floor for no apparent reason I am inclined to believe him, even though I saw nothing.
I must make note here as well that I nearly fell myself in this skirmish. the Hell Knights are brutally efficient at what they do and my martial training has suffered over the years, sacrificed for more time with the Codex.

We stumbled on the nest of the goblins and while Merlyn successfully disabled an old trap, the goblin Shaman gave me a damned copy of the Codex. The Shaman complained that one of his goblins had been defacing the book and then underwent a hideous transformation. When he presented said goblin I thought he looked more blessed then defaced. The goblin had taken on Infernal aspects and I now wonder if one such as I might benefit from the book.

On our way out we had to fight our way through a tomb with some old shambling skeletons. I took control of a few sending them to dispatch the others while Rukus smashed them all blissfully. After that found a stair. An ogre. And the way out.

Having returned the curious book to my superior I now await orders at the tap house near Violators Church.

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Part 1 The Bastards of Erebus

Bar fight

The Bastards of Erebus

Even before Aroden’s death, the Council of Thieves had been an open
secret in Westcrown. The city’s first (and most successful) thieves’
guild, the Council of Thieves was comprised of members from
influential and often noble families in Westcrown. Subtle and content to
rest upon the work of past generations, these rich and affluent criminals
grew wealthier off of all manner of smuggling, gambling, prostitution, and
more nefarious but increasingly white collar crimes. Yet now, insurrection
boils within the Council’s inner ranks, and if left to bloom, the resulting coup
could engulf all of Westcrown.


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